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1. Complying with regulations

Compliance with local regulations with regards to income tax and contributions. Its important to consider this factors in Kenya for example the payroll should be compliant with KRA regulations for calculation of PAYE and submission of the monthly i-tax returns.

2. Ease of use

Businesses should consider purchasing software that are easy to use and make repeat operations 

3. Reports/ Analysis required

Basic payroll reports and ability to create user defined reports in the system easily.

4. Flexibility

Ability to create and update various payroll items/settings without involving the vendor. This also involves integration to other systems that the business might need to send/ receive data from.

5. Software Support

After-sales service provided by a software publisher or vendor in solving software conflicts and usability problems, and in supplying updates and patches for bugs and security holes in the program. Before investing in any software, its extremely important for the business to ensure that the turn around time and availability of support is not compromised once the product is purchased.

6. Free Trial

Can you try out the solution before making a purchase. This will enable the business to raise and clear all the issues they have and want to tackle with the solution.

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